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Hearing North Korea being piped in to the tune of Scotland the Brave wins the weirdness award from this year's Olympic opening ceremonies.
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DVD players, computers, 19-inch and 24-inch television sets, electric pressure cookers and rice cookers, electric bicycles, car alarms and microwaves are now available in Cuba.

Air conditioners, next year; toasters will have to wait till '10.
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In Texas, Jasper and Newton counties are adjacent.
In Indiana, Jasper and Newton counties are adjacent.
In Georgia, Jasper and Newton counties are adjacent.
In Missouri, Jasper and Newton counties are adjacent.
In Mississippi, Jasper and Newton counties are adjacent.
In Iowa, Newton is the county seat of Jasper County.
In Illinois, Newton is the county seat of Jasper County.
In Arkansas, Jasper is the county seat of Newton County.
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One of the firsts was fun, the other not so much fun but amusing in its own way.

The first first: I went down to Galveston today, and rode the Galveston-Bolivar ferry. For a short while, a pair of dolphins were swimming alongside the ferry. Yay! My first wild dolphin sighting. Geek info: The ferry travels at a breakneck 11 mph (9 1/2 knots).

The second first: Memorandum to the staff at Fuddruckers: The fact that I do have a few gray hairs does not automatically entitle me to the senior discount, thankyouverymuch. (I did enjoy saving 10% at dinner, though.)

Note to anyone interested: Wayne Brady will be at L'Auberge du Lac on January 11. ... Just checked, and it's a Thursday. Won't be able to make it. Oh, well, it's not like I haven't seen him before.
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It's unusual for me to remember dreams. That makes the night before last unusual because (a) I remembered my dream, and (b) it was very very weird.

The dream was a movie trailer starring the hip, manic black comedian of the moment. He was lying on a table, spread eagle, with the camera positioned above him. Then the camera started zooming in on his bright red shorts. And closer, and closer, to the point where the camera gets microscopic enough to fit through the fabric.

And the camera kept zooming in -- so follow me now, we're inside his shorts -- and thankfully instead of Hip Manic Black Comedian's genitals, we see a diagram of the internals of said area, a highly detailed textbook-style artistic diagram -- one like you'd find in Gray's Anatomy.

But then -- and this is the weird part -- the diagram turns into an animation, and it morphs into the female version of the diagram.

Then the camera starts pulling out, back through the shorts -- and we close with a shot of Hip Manic Black Comedian, now with boobs, thrashing about and screaming bloody murder.

We fade to white, and the movie's title comes up on screen: "YOU'RE PRETTY".

I did warn you it was weird.

So at work I've been busy updating our database of San Antonio roadways. I have decided when I become Emperor of San Antonio my first decree will be to rename every north-south street Harry Wurzbach, and every east-west street Military. Just to keep things clear.

(For everyone but [ profile] aggieteacher00 and [ profile] amothea: San Antonio has three major thoroughfares named after the Wurzbach family: Harry Wurzbach Rd., Wurzbach Rd., and Wurzbach Pkwy. There are also four separate thoroughfares named Military: SE/SE Military, W Military -- in two parts -- and NW Military. To further add to the confusion, NW Military used to be named Wurzbach Highway.)

Missed As the Geiger Counter Turns -- aka Jericho -- because Thank God You're Here has been moved into that timeslot. I'll pick up Jericho tomorrow night.

Houston-types: I'm thinking about having some folks over Saturday afternoon after Lai Lai's to watch the new season of Doctor Who. Any interest?


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