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Another crap US remake of a British show is reported to be dead. Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that ABC has unofficially declared the pilot for the US version of the ITV superhero comedy dead.

Here's the trailer for the British version:

And the behind-the-scenes showing some of the comic book references on the set:

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Coming soon to a GROT shop near you:

TV Shows on DVD reports that Koch Vision is preparing a Region 1 DVD release of The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin for this May.

This is my favourite British comedy series. I'm thrilled that it's finally coming to Region 1 (it's been out in Region 2 for a few years), but not so happy at it being released by Koch Vision. They released season 1 of Made in Canada (aka The Industry in US syndication) a few years ago, and haven't followed up with the other 4 seasons.

Still, I already own the Region 2 DVDs, so I will probably pass on the R1 unless they have special features the R2 doesn't.
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RIP Anton Rodgers, who died December 1 aged 74.

I quite enjoyed him in Fresh Fields and particularly in May to December.
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The BBC may produce a Christmas special episode of To the Manor Born, reuniting Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles more than 25 years after the original series.

The original location, the Cricket St Thomas manor house, would be used for the special.

The Telegraph and the Chard and Ilminster News have more. Meanwhile, The Grauniad thinks well enough should be left alone.

I think the presence of Keith and Bowles would keep it from ending up as another disappointment like Legacy of Reginald Perrin.
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I'm not talking about Reagan and Colman, either...

The Two Ronnies Season One on DVD!

(And Dave Allen at Large, also!)


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