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2007 Dodge Caliber, 8300 miles, $13,888. Y/N? Opinions welcome.
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Left Houston for Dallas at 3 p.m. Made good time, hit Waco just after 6. Stopped and ate (yum, Catfish King!). Got onto I-35 northbound, passed through downtown Waco, noticed the pavement sounded funny. I slowed down and moved right and noticed the car was steering funny. Then I heard the sound of a flat tire. I managed to exit the highway and crawl to Sam's Club, which was at that corner, thank goodness. The auto bay doors were closed but the door to the shop was still open. They stayed open late to replace my tire. (Snoopydance!) Left Sam's at 7:15. Hit horrendous backup as I was leaving Waco on I-35 north. Bailed and took highway 31 to Corsicana, and I-45 to Dallas. Arrived without further incident.
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Because tonight I have A NEW CAR!

That's right, Joe, it's the incredibly sporty 2005 Dodge Neon SXT! In stone white, this car will turn heads as you zip plod along Westheimer! And you'll enjoy the CD player, which you've never had in a car before! MSRP $16,740, but you paid only $11,995! That means for you, the price is right! Price authority Wiesner Dodge, Tomball, Texas.

Thank you, Don Pardo!

The old '98 Neon had 151,575 miles when I traded her in tonight. It was a good car, just starting to hit the point where continued maintenance was going to prove an expensive proposition.
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More importantly, will my Neon hold out until the beginning of next year till I can get one of these?


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