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So, with Hurricane Ike bearing down on Houston, I made the wise decision to get out of town, and went to Round Rock to spend what I thought was going to be a weekend with my sister and brother-in-law.

Finally met [ profile] quixotic and [ profile] xgray for lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed it. [ profile] quixotic is quieter than I thought she would be. (I suppose people say that about me too.)

I figured out the problem sis & b-i-l were having with their 46" HDTV. And I'm not even sure they realized it was a problem. They had the HD cable box hooked to the set with... coax! Meaning no HD pictures. Fry's had an HDMI cable for $10, so I bought it and hooked the cable box to the set via HDMI and voilà, beautiful HDTV! You should have seen my b-i-l's jaw drop when I showed him the comparison between what they had been watching and what they could now see. His reaction to the Jeopardy! set in HD was "Holy shit! Look at the floor! And look at the podiums!"

So with that problem solved, I realized I had become an enabler when two days later, b-i-l brought home a PS3 and a half dozen Blu-Ray movies. (My sister got an iPod out of the deal.) I now have serious HDTV envy after watching the pilot of Pushing Daisies on Blu-ray.

I was able to work out of our Austin office for the time I was there, and so got to experience Austin traffic. I-35 carries the bulk of the Austin area's traffic. On a good day it can be a very frustrating drive. I got to experience several rush hours going all the way from north Round Rock to south Austin (about a 28 mile commute each way). The verdict: Not as bad as Houston, but more trucks need to start using the new 130 toll road. Hopefully they will once the 45 SE connector opens next year.

And on the 12th day... my power was restored and I went home. Lots of folks still have no power. Heck, lots of folks have nothing.
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I'll be back in Houston tonight!
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CenterPoint worked after midnight, but couldn't get power restored to my half of the complex. Management has an electrical engineer coming today to determine where the problem lies.
If the problem is on site, hey presto!
If not................

P.S. Heroes looks great in HD. Pushing Daisies looks gorgeous on Blu-Ray.
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Some buildings at my complex have power now. Mine is not yet among them.
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I still have no power at the condo. CenterPoint says my zip code is scheduled to be substantially restored by Monday. I'll believe it when I hear my answering machine pick up.

Meanwhile, I'm still staying with my sister and b-i-l in Round Rock. I figured out how to fix the problem they were having integrating their new PS3 with their cable box, HDTV and amplifier. Hooray for glorious surround sound!

I'm working on a bullet-point post to over the entire Ike adventure. Coming soon to an LJ near you!
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Still in Austin.

Still no power at the condo.

Condo management says CenterPoint is in the area.

They said the same thing yesterday.
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The Chronicle's database of reader reports lists my address as having power. The gatehouse at the complex begs to differ. The guard did see a CenterPoint truck go down the street, so maybe soon.

Meanwhile, we have water.

I went to Houston yesterday to check things out after the guard at the gatehouse described the situation as "catastrophic". Fortunately, my unit has no damage. The blue tarp was still covering my windows! I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer (note to self: grocery list!) and removed the tarp. Checked out my co-worker's house (she lost part of her fence otherwise didn't look like any damage).

Williams Tower is closed today, so I am treating today as a day off work.


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