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Well, Travelers officially declared the Neon a total loss today. Some additional damage was found, and that pushed the damage total over their magical threshold.

I will be getting more than I owe on it, thank goodness, so I will have some money to put down on the next car.

I have use of the rental car through Monday, but there is a complication (isn't there always?): I rented the car in Dallas, and I (and probably my new car) am in Houston.

So, I must check with Enterprise to confirm that they will let me drop the rental car off here. if so, no problem; I purchase the new car, get all the documentation set, then call Enterprise, drop the car, and get them to drop me back at the dealer.

If I can't drop the rental in Houston, I will have to juggle this weekend: buy the new car, drive the rental back home, get someone to take me back to the dealer to get the new car; then drive the rental back to Dallas on Saturday, and then somehow get back to Houston. Probably will get Mom to drive me down; I hate to subject her to all that driving, but we shall see what transpires.
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I'm back in Houston. My insurance company set me up with a rental car.

I spoke with the insurance company's appraiser yesterday as he was finishing going over my car. He told me I was within $500 or $600 of my car being totalled. Pictures may follow as soon as I get them — I'm not sure I want to see those pictures, even though I did see my car yesterday.

So... back to the grind today.

Moral of the story: Take it easy out there!
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At least I know where my stimulus check will be going.

I was on my way out of Dallas this morning, going to grab lunch and then return to Houston. I was northbound here when a westbound car pulled out into the intersection, and crashiness ensued.

Both I and the other driver are fine, though her car is a mess and mine is... well, not as bad a mess. Of course, since it's a holiday, the adjuster won't be able to talk to me till tomorrow morning, and since my car's not drivable, I need a rental car, which will have to wait till I get information from the adjuster.

So I'm in Dallas for an extra day.


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