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I just watched...

I, Claudius 35th Anniversary Edition

DVD Region 1
Released: 03/27/2012
SRP: 59.99
Purchased: 04/21/2012
Paid: 29.92
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I just watched...

Drop the Dead Donkey: The Complete 3rd Series

DVD Region 2
Released: 10/24/2005
SRP: 19.99
Purchased: 01/05/2012
Paid: 1.17
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Firefly: The Complete Series on Blu-ray for $39.99 today only!
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Coming soon to a GROT shop near you:

TV Shows on DVD reports that Koch Vision is preparing a Region 1 DVD release of The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin for this May.

This is my favourite British comedy series. I'm thrilled that it's finally coming to Region 1 (it's been out in Region 2 for a few years), but not so happy at it being released by Koch Vision. They released season 1 of Made in Canada (aka The Industry in US syndication) a few years ago, and haven't followed up with the other 4 seasons.

Still, I already own the Region 2 DVDs, so I will probably pass on the R1 unless they have special features the R2 doesn't.
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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is up for preorder at for $14.99!
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On October 7th, they may as well install a siphon directly into my wallet. A ton of DVD releases are coming together on that day:
  • Corner Gas, season 5

  • Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius

  • Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord (4-disc box set)

  • Mission: Impossible, season 5

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (remastered)

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (remastered)

  • You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (remastered)

  • Air Farce Live

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures, season 1

  • The Simpsons, season 11

  • The Trojan Horse
Plus, I will be in Canada that week, and hopefully will pick up some of the Canadian DVDs on my list:
  • History Bites: The First Collection (season 5)

  • jPod, season 1 (and only)

  • Let's All Hate Toronto

  • Little Mosque on the Prairie, season 1

  • Robson Arms, seasons 2 and 3

  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes, seasons 1 and 2

  • Un Gars, Une Fille, any of the volumes I'm missing.

And my mom is giving me money to buy her any and all of the five seasons of Corner Gas.

Just think: I used to drop all my money at the World's Biggest Bookstore...
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Finally the official announcement of "Spaced" in region 1!
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Knowing my taste in TV and movies, would I like Slings and Arrows?
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Anyone know a site from which to order DVDs from Germany or Sweden that won't try to rip me off with shipping charges? I want to get the set of La Linea that is now out on DVD in those two countries. wants €31.91 (fair enough) plus €14 for shipping!

The Swedish version is less expensive, at 149 SEK (about $23).
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Paramount originally had the rights to the Peanuts cartoons, but Warner signed a deal recently for the DVD distribution rights. Their first release is a "remastered deluxe edition" of Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown with the same two bonus specials from the original Paramount release: You're in Love, Charlie Brown and It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown.

I'm usually skeptical about rebuying a DVD. I'll normally only do it for an improved transfer or better features. I'm happy to say that this new release of Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown justified a repurchase.

Here's a thumbnail comparison of the picture quality of the old Paramount release and the new Warner release:


The old release looks like a slapdash job, with a bit of overscan visible on the left, and washed-out colors. The new release was obviously cared for, with much warmer colors and better framing.

In short: If you're a Peanuts fan -- buy it!
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I'll spare you the details, but it's the stomach bug that's going around. It hit me yesterday afternoon after I got home from the grocery store, and I spent the rest of the day alternating between the bathroom and bed. I was still queasy this morning, so called in sick to work, but I'm feeling somewhat better this afternoon (still not quite 100% though).

Also, RIP Mr. Whipple. Please don't squeeze the coffin.
ETA: A big fight has broken out among his pallbearers about whether the coffin should be wound from the top or from the bottom.

Also also, seasons 1 and 2 of This Hour Has 22 Minutes will be released on DVD on December 4. Since Koch is releasing them, I don't hold out hopes of the series being completely released (we're still waiting for season 2 of Made in Canada).
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Season 1 of Newhart comes to DVD in February!

Hopefully they'll finish this series and not abandon it, as they seem to have done with Mary Tyler Moore and The Bob Newhart Show.
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Soylent Green, The Omega Man, and Logan's Run are being re-released on DVD on November 27.

The Omega Man will also be available in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

At least the re-releases will be in keepcases rather than snappers.

The re-releases come with I am Legend movie cash. I'm not sure I can picture Will Smith as Neville, but the script that was leaked more than a year ago looked OK.
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Season 1, Volume 2 "Uncensored" of the US version coming October 9
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Just after my birthday, darn it...

Heroes, Season 1 will be released on DVD (and HD-DVD) August 28!
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I've never seen a larger DVD box set: a 179-disc Complete Prisoner: Cell Block H collection!

You read that right, a179-disc box set for just over US$1300.

I watched it some when I was younger and the PBS station in Dallas put it on late Sunday nights after the British comedies. I'm definitely not going for the complete collection, though.
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I am running out of storage space for my DVDs. This should come as no surprise to anyone.

My storage consists of four of these shelves, which are affordable and look great. I used to find them at Suncoast, but with their bankruptcy and sale to the owners of FYE, they have stopped carrying them. (Big Lots has them, but in a different finish, and I'm picky enough to want them all to look the same.)

So I go to Sauder's website looking for retailers in this area, and come up with none. Ditto for the Dallas and San Antonio areas. Then the thought hit me -- why not look for them while I'm on vacation?

Sure enough, Sauder showed there are plenty of retailers selling them in the Midwest.

Attempt #1 was at Blain's Farm and Fleet in Urbana, IL. I went there expecting something like Western Auto. I got it -- that place is like Western Auto on steroids. Too bad they didn't have the shelves in stock -- their price was $10 less than I found elsewhere.

Attempt #2 was at Pamida in Rockville, IN. No luck there.

Attempt #3 was at Menards in Mishiwaka, IN. I wish Menards had stores closer to here. They are a really nice home center/hardware store/lumberyard, bigger than my local Home Despot or Lowes. And they had my shelves! I win at shopping!

So I now have two new DVD storage shelves ready to fill. I'm keeping my wallet under close supervision now.

(Speaking of shopping, I caught a nice misprice at Fry's. They had The Invasion, a classic Pat Troughton Doctor Who serial, mismarked at $9.99 (should have been $29.99).
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It's not good news for the DVD release of WKRP in Cincinnati according to this early review which details the multitude of music edits and replacements that had to be made.
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I'm not talking about Reagan and Colman, either...

The Two Ronnies Season One on DVD!

(And Dave Allen at Large, also!)
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I just finished series 1 of Survivors, the mid-1970s apocalyptic drama series. It has held up pretty well, not surprising considering it was created by Terry Nation. Series 2 and 3 were weaker (mainly due to Nation's lack of involvement), but still good. I can't wait for this spring's re-release of the DVDs at a lower price point.

Twitch City is due in the mail any day. This one's almost a blind buy. I saw one episode on the Internet (thanks [ profile] jaala!) and one up in Canada. And there's still plenty more waiting to be watched. Come on over!


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