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The TV Production Music Museum (yeah, there is one) just posted "Part of Your Life", which was a news music package by Al Ham, who also wrote "Move Closer to Your World".

I haven't heard "Part of Your Life" for years. KXAS in Fort Worth/Dallas used this music for "Area Five Texas News" from around 1974 to 1977, when they changed to "Action News" and picked up "Move Closer to Your World".

"Move Closer" is still being used by WPVI in Philadelphia and WKBW in Buffalo.

I know I've been bad about posting here for quite a while. Sorry about that. I've been on Facebook more and more. I'll try to remember to post longer items here; these entries do get picked up by Facebook.
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It turns out that Ronnie Hazlehurst embedded a secret message in the theme song of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em: the show's title in Morse code.
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Another crap US remake of a British show is reported to be dead. Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that ABC has unofficially declared the pilot for the US version of the ITV superhero comedy dead.

Here's the trailer for the British version:

And the behind-the-scenes showing some of the comic book references on the set:

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In general, I loathe remakes. I look at them as a sign that there are no new ideas. And most of the time they don't hold up to the original... though some come close, others miss by a mile.

And so I was very concerned when I heard a year ago that the BBC was remaking my favourite Britcom, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, which starred the irreplaceable Leonard Rossiter.

The first episode of Reggie Perrin aired tonight on the BBC. The new version stars Martin Clunes as Reggie, who is still a long-suffering 40-ish middle manager who is becoming more and more exasperated with life.

Well, colour me pleasantly surprised. My friend Matt wrote that he "really felt [he] should dislike it entirely on principle", and I have to agree: nobody can out-Rossiter Rossiter. To his credit, Clunes sets out to make the character his own, and he succeeds. The new version of C.J. fell a bit flat, though.

The reimagining was written by Simon Nye (of Men Behaving Badly) and David Nobbs, who created the original series. Hearing that Nobbs was involved made me relax a little about the new series.

I appreciated the nods to the original series (including Reggie walking past Sunshine Desserts on his way to his job at Groomtech).

I'm looking forward to downloading the remaining 5 episodes, and to the DVD which is due out (in the UK) on June 1.
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The facts are these: The "back nine" episodes were not picked up. Bryan Fuller says episode 13 (which will likely be the last) ends on a cliffhanger (of course), and a storyline-wrapping comic book is under discussion, and a movie pitch is ready to go.

Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money were also let go.
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RIP KPRC's Ron Stone.
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Finally the official announcement of "Spaced" in region 1!
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Following on to this post:

Sundance Channel is rerunning Slings & Arrows late Thursday nights. I set the DVR to record it, and watched it today. I was not disappointed. They're just before the end of the first season, but I'd read up on the backstory, and it did help my understanding of what's going on. I'm looking forward to getting the complete series on DVD.
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Knowing my taste in TV and movies, would I like Slings and Arrows?
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"The first series was aimed at adult audiences, but in the second series a specially-edited repeat will be shown that's suitable for families and kids."

"The kid-friendly edited version will be shown a few days after the adult version and is likely to be a few minutes shorter."

You think?

After all the innuendo is excised, they'll be able to fit Trchwd in the break between programs.
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BBC Drama Productions acquires rights to develop 1970s series Survivors for BBC One

Not sure how I feel about this one. The original series was terrific, a very tense drama.
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Canada's SRC network has a new game show called Paquet voleur. Think Deal or No Deal with multiple contestants and hard questions and answers.

Someone on The Game Show Forum has posted a great summary of the show.

Now the network has created an online version of the game (French only) that is very addictive.

This needs to be snapped up by a US network...
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CBS orders six episodes of Million Dollar Password starring Regis Philbin.
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A few years ago, when North Texas State University became the University of North Texas, we in the media were joking that the university's radio station, KNTU, would have to change its call sign to KUNT.

That didn't happen, for obvious reasons.

Well, now a TV station in Hawaii has requested and received that call sign.

The station's owners have apologized and promised to change the call sign as soon as possible.

They also received the call sign KWTF for another station...

I'm showing my age when I can remember other call letters that couldn't be assigned, such as KUSA and WUSA.
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It's unusual for me to remember dreams. That makes the night before last unusual because (a) I remembered my dream, and (b) it was very very weird.

The dream was a movie trailer starring the hip, manic black comedian of the moment. He was lying on a table, spread eagle, with the camera positioned above him. Then the camera started zooming in on his bright red shorts. And closer, and closer, to the point where the camera gets microscopic enough to fit through the fabric.

And the camera kept zooming in -- so follow me now, we're inside his shorts -- and thankfully instead of Hip Manic Black Comedian's genitals, we see a diagram of the internals of said area, a highly detailed textbook-style artistic diagram -- one like you'd find in Gray's Anatomy.

But then -- and this is the weird part -- the diagram turns into an animation, and it morphs into the female version of the diagram.

Then the camera starts pulling out, back through the shorts -- and we close with a shot of Hip Manic Black Comedian, now with boobs, thrashing about and screaming bloody murder.

We fade to white, and the movie's title comes up on screen: "YOU'RE PRETTY".

I did warn you it was weird.

So at work I've been busy updating our database of San Antonio roadways. I have decided when I become Emperor of San Antonio my first decree will be to rename every north-south street Harry Wurzbach, and every east-west street Military. Just to keep things clear.

(For everyone but [ profile] aggieteacher00 and [ profile] amothea: San Antonio has three major thoroughfares named after the Wurzbach family: Harry Wurzbach Rd., Wurzbach Rd., and Wurzbach Pkwy. There are also four separate thoroughfares named Military: SE/SE Military, W Military -- in two parts -- and NW Military. To further add to the confusion, NW Military used to be named Wurzbach Highway.)

Missed As the Geiger Counter Turns -- aka Jericho -- because Thank God You're Here has been moved into that timeslot. I'll pick up Jericho tomorrow night.

Houston-types: I'm thinking about having some folks over Saturday afternoon after Lai Lai's to watch the new season of Doctor Who. Any interest?
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In case you missed [ profile] glitterlisa showing off her soap on HGTV's That's Clever, you can see it again on Tuesday at noon (CT).
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The show is acceptably funny, however, as improv, it falls short. I don't expect the celebrity guests to be full-fledged improvisors, but the supporting cast is breaking so many rules. What's with all the questions? That's one of the first things we learn in improv.

I'll keep watching, but I won't be as entertained as the general public since I'm watching with an improvisor's eye.
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I've never seen a larger DVD box set: a 179-disc Complete Prisoner: Cell Block H collection!

You read that right, a179-disc box set for just over US$1300.

I watched it some when I was younger and the PBS station in Dallas put it on late Sunday nights after the British comedies. I'm definitely not going for the complete collection, though.


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