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the Patrick Bristow episode of Whose Line? finally aired!

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Monday: travel day back from OGWW '05 in Toronto. Which meant a 2-hour drive from the Austin airport back home, after a full day of flying. (My sister, when bringing my car to he airport for me to drive home, parked in the $9 lot instead of the $2 garage. Thank goodness I still had some US money left!)

Tuesday: sleepwalk through work. We have three new cities' databases to work through. My boss was on vacation this week so I had to cover for him as technical support point person.

Also Tuesday: [ profile] lil_ms_drama took [ profile] improvwheels off life support (Cliff stopped breathing right before Improvaoke on Friday night due to a heart problem. Full story here.)

Wednesday: While I was at lunch, my assistant quit. She was overqualified for this job, and we speculate she took this job to have a job until she found the job she really wanted. Also while I was at lunch, a problem with one of our DOT contracts blew up and I had to take on that work. Also went to Angleton for [ profile] improvwheels' family visitation. [ profile] lil_ms_drama is devastated, as you might expect, but was holding up pretty well.

Thursday: Continued full tilt on DOT project, went to Angleton for [ profile] improvwheels' funeral.

Today: Wrap up my part of work on DOT project, handing the rest back to my boss to finish this weekend. Collapsed in tired heap at home.

It's just not Friday night without improv. [ profile] lil_ms_drama told me she will keep the troupe going, and that we'll be back on stage in a couple of weeks. I expect she'll need more time than that. In either case, we're all standing behind her.

I will force myself to sleep in tomorrow.
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Hey, y'all... Just checking in from Toronto. We're having a blast (as usual). Second City tonight, as well as another show at the Bad Dog. Have spent too much money on stuff so far.

The rest of the group is waiting on me to go to lunch, so will log out now.


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