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Later this afternoon I will be heading to the Last Frontier, meeting up with Michelle in Anchorage very early tomorrow morning, and cruising from there to Vancouver all next week! See you then!
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Considering I had only ever left Texas twice before I was 18, and that to bordering states (Louisiana and Coahuila). But I made up for lost time:

visited 45 states (90%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

And north of the border, to my adopted Canadia. Working on it:

visited 3 states (23.0%)
Create your own visited map of Canada

I'm aiming to visit every county in North America. Here's my progress:

I really need to get out of North America more:

visited 3 states (1.33%)
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Pray for me... I'm connecting at O'Hare...

Heading off to my annual Canadian trip shortly. Don't burn the Internet down while I'm gone!
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About to head out to the airport for my annual vacation in Toronto! Woot!
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Then I suppose I should post about my vacation and all the excitement afterwards. )
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Checked in for flight... check. (Stopover this year is at DTW.)
Sortie to IAH terminal A to familiarize myself with new-to-me terminal... check.
Rental car procured... check. (Thanks Priceline!)
2 nights hotel procured... check. (Tonawanda and Falconer)
Plans for Wednesday... check. (Lucy-Desi Museum, otherwise roaming around the Chautauqua area.)
Rendezvous with [ profile] fapiece and [ profile] ladycrim arranged... check. (Thursday noon.)
Canadian money in wallet... check. (Will get more at first sighting of a Scotiabank ABM.)
Shopping list... check. (Mostly DVDs, some books. Thank you, stimulus check.)

Look out, Toronto... here I come!
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Today I vacuumed and researched what's wrong with my ReplayTV.

Tomorrow, I get my driver's license renewed, pull the motherboard from my ReplayTV and ship it to Massachusetts to be repaired, and mop.

Wednesday, I do the final load of laundry and final cleanup in preparation for [ profile] adc14's arrival.

Thursday, I pick up [ profile] adc14. Yay!

Friday, we go to Space Center Houston (I haven't been there in years), and maybe some sightseeing in Galveston.

Saturday, more sightseeing, followed by ComedySportz.

Sunday, we get up at 0-dark-30 and go to the airport. I return home and sleep.
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I finally got around to applying for permission to leave the country today. It's been one of those "when-I-get-around-to-it" projects that finally became necessary. If I do decide to fly to Calgary and drive to Regina this summer, I'll have to have a passport to re-enter the US by air. However, with the costs of lodging in Calgary (and Regina to a lesser extent), and gas at $4.30 a gallon, I may not be able to go. Plus [ profile] adc14 is coming down late that week, too, so I'd like to spend some time with her.

Back to the passport. I went to my nearest post office that offers Saturday passport services, only to find that they temporarily don't offer Saturday passport services due to remodeling. They sent me halfway across town to a former post office that is now exclusively a passport acceptance facility. Took a number, signed in, and waited to be called into the main room to (at that point) get in line. One family ahead of me in line was pissing people off. They didn't come with pictures (people, it's on the form that you need pictures!) so the staff was trying to take a picture of the little girl (who was about 3). She would not stand still, would not keep her arms down by her side, in general would not cooperate with the staffer. And mother wasn't helping. Bribery with Chuck E. Cheese wasn't helping. Threats weren't helping. I realize young kids have a bundle of energy, but really, how hard is it to get a 3-year-old to stand still for 5 seconds? When I was that age, my grandfather kept me in line once at the barber with threats of physical violence. You can't do that now.

So, it finally took about an hour to make it through both lines and turn in my forms and pay. Lunch followed, then a trip to Borders to try to find something to get with my 30% coupon. Also went to the car wash to try to get the bug splatter off the front of my car. Mostly succeeded. Then came home and watched Rising Damp: The Movie, which was better than I expected.
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I'm considering a road trip this summer.

A big honkin' road trip.

To Rouleau, Saskatchewan.

3,750 miles round trip.

Trouble is, I don't think I can do that and see the things I want to see in a week's time.

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Tweaked my Yahoo Pipes which give geocoded border crossing information from the CBSA and CBP.
Slept in.
Went to Austin and San Antonio and explored. Enjoyed El Pollo Loco in SA. Bought two Buc-ee's fridge magnets with replicas of their "It's a Beaver" billboard.
Went to the beach twice: Galveston once, Quintana once.
Did I mention sleeping in?
Finally got caught up on Battlestar Galactica, and began catching up on Slings and Arrows.
Was treated to a steak dinner by my dad and stepmom.
Bought a $100 universal remote when my DVD remote quit working. The DVD remote started working again later, after I got the universal remote programmed. I love the Harmony, and will be keeping it.

Am ready for another vacation.
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Saturday was shopping day. We first went to Honest Ed's, where I bought a souvenir for 99ยข, making it the least expensive stop of the day. Then over to Sonic Boom, a very nice new/used CD/DVD store, where I found season 4 of All Creatures Great and Small and a music DVD from Scissor Sisters.

Then it was over to Eaton Centre for lunch and meeting up with [ profile] jaala. Upstairs was the next stop, to the new Best Buy that's connected to Eaton Centre. Fortunately we were inside when the thunderstorm passed through. More shopping ensued at HMV (but not Sam the Record Man (RIP)); we did not have time to continue to the World's Biggest Bookstore. Back to Eaton Centre to meet up with [ profile] jeffyb1 for dinner at Mr. Greenjeans, and a quick subway ride later we were at the Bad Dog Theatre for Theatresports. After Theatresports we went to Caffe Demetre for dessert, and back to the Bad Dog for the Late Late Horror Show. Then we rode the bus back to Fairview Mall to pick up our cars, and back to [ profile] adc14's.

Sunday was for more shopping. Started at Yonge & Eglinton for stops at another used DVD store (Gamerama, not worth the trip) and for [ profile] ladycrim to pick up some cupcakes. Then we went to the Bad Dog to park and ride the subway back to Eaton Centre for lunch, and more shopping, this time picking up the WBBS we didn't have time for Saturday.

And then we rode back to the Bad Dog for Whoser improv! We were improved in some games and need more practice in others, but that's what next year is for. At this point, [ profile] jaala and [ profile] lynnita left for their families (Thanksgiving, yaknow). After this, a drive to Wayne Grezsky's for dinner (verdict: now too upscale and pricey for us, so this will be the last year for them) and the Second City revue "Facebook of Revelations" (line from title song: "Jesus has tagged a picture of you!"). Lots of fun.

Back to [ profile] adc14's for Whoser Scrabble and bed.

Monday, [ profile] fapiece, [ profile] ladycrim and I crossed the border for my flight back from BUF to IAH. On my inbound flight, my CLE-BUF flight departed from a real gate with a jetway and everything. On this leg, my BUF-CLE flight arrived in Siberia, with stairs down from the plane, stairs up to concourse D, an escalator down to the connecting tunnel to concourse C, a broken escalator up into concourse C... By the time I got to my departure gate, my flight to IAH had just started boarding.

And here I am back home. I look forward to my trip to Toronto more and more each year, partly because of the Whosers and partly because I just like Toronto! See you guys next year, if not before! Thanks again to [ profile] adc14 for putting up with us!
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Tomorrow morning, I'll be on my way to Toronto to meet up with the Whosers! See you all Thursday!
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7-Eleven rebranded 12 of their stores as Kwik-E-Mart as a promotion for The Simpsons movie. I took these pictures at the Dallas store:
My mom and I went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the State Capitol:

I visited two towns where I used to live:
Mount Pleasant:

And I found the lone remaining boundary marker between the US and the Republic of Texas:

Finally, happy birthday to [ profile] gasp789!
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I can't believe I just realized this:
Over the next few days, my road trip will take me to Springfield, Springfield, Springfield, and back through Springfield.

And, thanks to [ profile] andiva, I now know my Bacon number: 3.
[ profile] gridlockjoe was on News 8 with Chip Moody;
Chip Moody was in Born on the Fourth of July (1989) with Beau Starr;
Beau Starr was in Where the Truth Lies (2005) with Kevin Bacon.
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Grr... The pot of soup I had on slow-cooking today ran dry, so the beans and ham are now blackened (and not in a delicious way).

At least I have my Twitch City DVDs to watch after Jericho.

And my vacation has been approved for the end of this month. I'm strongly leaning toward a road trip to Illinois/Indiana/Michigan to fill in some counties.
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Lots of bullet points inside )

Total new counties: 26 in 3 states (MI, OH, IN).
Finished state: 1 (Ohio).
Time spent with my best friends: Priceless.
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I'll be landing in Buffalo later today, then roadtripping through Ohio and Indiana, then returning to Buffalo to meet up with [ profile] fapiece and [ profile] ladycrim, then heading to London to see [ profile] jjloa, then to Toronto to see the whole Whoser gang!

Don't break anything while I'm gone!
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Especially when you save all your daily change for a year, roll it up and take it to the bank for folding money. In the past year, I saved $180 in change, which will come in handy next week on my road trip to Ohio and Indiana, and Whoser Weekend in Toronto.

I may be faced with leaving Houston at dark-thirty on Monday to make a 2-1/2 hour drive to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for a 7:30 am flight. I would ordinarily stay with my sister and her family in Round Rock, and leave my car at their place for the week. However, I have been unable to make contact with her via e-mail or phone over the past week. I'm guessing that they're on vacation. Oh well. It's not like I haven't gotten up and on the road at 3:30 a.m. before.

P.S. Happy birthday to [ profile] caindog!
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Random trip notes:

The highlight of my three-day trip to the Sunshine State was Tallahassee. The state capitol is the tallest building in town, at 22 stories, and it's in fact the only skyscraper in the city. It seems like a nice town.

Gas prices were just over $2 everywhere I went.

New Orleans still looks like hell.

Attention jealous Canadians: I went to the beach )

I have now visited all 3 locations of Lambert's Cafe, The Only Home of Throwed Rolls! And yes, they do throw rolls at you.

25 new counties, US total now 2239, North America total now 2372. My county map has been updated )


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