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In half an hour's time I walk out the door and get in the car to go to my new job for the first time.

I'm excited and nervous all rolled into one.

Wish me luck...
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I'd like to send this one out to [ profile] amothea, who is moving from Houston to Anchorage. I'm going to miss you!

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Not really looking forward to going to work tomorrow. No real reason... just would like an extra day to spend in bed.

Just got back from walking the 1.1 miles around the complex. Feist's album "The Reminder" is good exercise music.

[ profile] amothea, I will bring your Dr. Horrible CD to work tomorrow.
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My workplace is featured heavily in an article in today's New York Times.

(Yeah, we're right down the road from NASA... if you take the West Loop to the South Loop to the Gulf Freeway to NASA Parkway.)
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It's unusual for me to remember dreams. That makes the night before last unusual because (a) I remembered my dream, and (b) it was very very weird.

The dream was a movie trailer starring the hip, manic black comedian of the moment. He was lying on a table, spread eagle, with the camera positioned above him. Then the camera started zooming in on his bright red shorts. And closer, and closer, to the point where the camera gets microscopic enough to fit through the fabric.

And the camera kept zooming in -- so follow me now, we're inside his shorts -- and thankfully instead of Hip Manic Black Comedian's genitals, we see a diagram of the internals of said area, a highly detailed textbook-style artistic diagram -- one like you'd find in Gray's Anatomy.

But then -- and this is the weird part -- the diagram turns into an animation, and it morphs into the female version of the diagram.

Then the camera starts pulling out, back through the shorts -- and we close with a shot of Hip Manic Black Comedian, now with boobs, thrashing about and screaming bloody murder.

We fade to white, and the movie's title comes up on screen: "YOU'RE PRETTY".

I did warn you it was weird.

So at work I've been busy updating our database of San Antonio roadways. I have decided when I become Emperor of San Antonio my first decree will be to rename every north-south street Harry Wurzbach, and every east-west street Military. Just to keep things clear.

(For everyone but [ profile] aggieteacher00 and [ profile] amothea: San Antonio has three major thoroughfares named after the Wurzbach family: Harry Wurzbach Rd., Wurzbach Rd., and Wurzbach Pkwy. There are also four separate thoroughfares named Military: SE/SE Military, W Military -- in two parts -- and NW Military. To further add to the confusion, NW Military used to be named Wurzbach Highway.)

Missed As the Geiger Counter Turns -- aka Jericho -- because Thank God You're Here has been moved into that timeslot. I'll pick up Jericho tomorrow night.

Houston-types: I'm thinking about having some folks over Saturday afternoon after Lai Lai's to watch the new season of Doctor Who. Any interest?
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I could sure use a back and shoulder rub right now.

My mysterious height-changing chair can never stay adjusted to the height I'd like it to stay at. So my posture changes throughout the day, and it occasionally gets uncomfortable to type.

At one time at Metro Dallas, we had a reporter who was also a licensed massage therapist. And she was good. Her hands cut through my stiff shoulder muscles like butter. I wonder whatever happened to her. Edit: Found her on MySpace.

Free pizza day at work! Yes, the CIO is in town again. I joked with my boss that as often as CIO was here from New York, he should probably look at moving here. I got a well-deserved glare for that one. :)

And with the pizza, there goes the one pound I lost last year. (At this rate, I'll be at a normal weight by 2100.)
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I think I'm finally recovering from last night's promo shoot for the troupe. The skit was called "Geek Fights" and I played a gamer who got killed with a sword. Pictures allegedly exist. My final pose was on the floor with a Generic Golden Snack Cake sticking out of my mouth.

Blerg. Can't believe it's Monday tomorrow. I still need to finish the theatre's brochure -- it's due at the printer on the 19th! I at least know the direction I'm taking it, so I'm pretty much down to moving elements into place.

And Rose and Sharon start tomorrow at the office! Finally 5 people in the department!
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The last time I got to work from home due to a bomb threat, that is.

I work in a high-profile building, 40 stories up. If it were a different building, or lower to the ground, I would have considered staying. But my boss told me today would be optional to come in. And who can resist working in their jammies? (Thank goodness for PCAnywhere, so that I can get some work done.)

Speaking of work, I should get busy. This database isn't going to clean itself up.

Ooo! The new Doctor Who DVD set arrived today! If you haven't seen it yet, it's incredible.
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Could this SQL query hurry up and finish already? There are only 9759 rows to update.

Hearing this really really fast paced song isn't helping.
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Monday: travel day back from OGWW '05 in Toronto. Which meant a 2-hour drive from the Austin airport back home, after a full day of flying. (My sister, when bringing my car to he airport for me to drive home, parked in the $9 lot instead of the $2 garage. Thank goodness I still had some US money left!)

Tuesday: sleepwalk through work. We have three new cities' databases to work through. My boss was on vacation this week so I had to cover for him as technical support point person.

Also Tuesday: [ profile] lil_ms_drama took [ profile] improvwheels off life support (Cliff stopped breathing right before Improvaoke on Friday night due to a heart problem. Full story here.)

Wednesday: While I was at lunch, my assistant quit. She was overqualified for this job, and we speculate she took this job to have a job until she found the job she really wanted. Also while I was at lunch, a problem with one of our DOT contracts blew up and I had to take on that work. Also went to Angleton for [ profile] improvwheels' family visitation. [ profile] lil_ms_drama is devastated, as you might expect, but was holding up pretty well.

Thursday: Continued full tilt on DOT project, went to Angleton for [ profile] improvwheels' funeral.

Today: Wrap up my part of work on DOT project, handing the rest back to my boss to finish this weekend. Collapsed in tired heap at home.

It's just not Friday night without improv. [ profile] lil_ms_drama told me she will keep the troupe going, and that we'll be back on stage in a couple of weeks. I expect she'll need more time than that. In either case, we're all standing behind her.

I will force myself to sleep in tomorrow.
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What sucks is because it's due to a bomb threat. There are downsides to working in a highly visible building.
But my drive home on Westheimer took only 20 minutes, including a stop at the grocery store!


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