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"The suspect then looked at him and said, 'You know, you're the first one to ask me to leave in such a nice way, and because of that I'm going to leave.'"
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On October 7th, they may as well install a siphon directly into my wallet. A ton of DVD releases are coming together on that day:
  • Corner Gas, season 5

  • Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius

  • Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord (4-disc box set)

  • Mission: Impossible, season 5

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (remastered)

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (remastered)

  • You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (remastered)

  • Air Farce Live

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures, season 1

  • The Simpsons, season 11

  • The Trojan Horse
Plus, I will be in Canada that week, and hopefully will pick up some of the Canadian DVDs on my list:
  • History Bites: The First Collection (season 5)

  • jPod, season 1 (and only)

  • Let's All Hate Toronto

  • Little Mosque on the Prairie, season 1

  • Robson Arms, seasons 2 and 3

  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes, seasons 1 and 2

  • Un Gars, Une Fille, any of the volumes I'm missing.

And my mom is giving me money to buy her any and all of the five seasons of Corner Gas.

Just think: I used to drop all my money at the World's Biggest Bookstore...
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I answer questions on Yahoo! Answers. A recent question and someone else's answer had me laughing:

Q. You can use TTC tokens to get on a bus right?
I've lived in Toronto for 5 years and taken the TTC at least twice a week, but I've always thought that tokens were for buses only.

A. You can use Tolkiens for anything that is TTC, Bus, Streetcar, Subway. If it says TTC, you can use the Tolkien.

This is useful information. I'll be sure to stock up on Tolkiens for my trip in October.
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Could you check my hamsters please?
Voulez-vous vérifier mes hamsters?

(5.6 MB each)
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Or, as it's known in Quebec... Friday :)

Edit: Forgot about it being D-Day, or Moving Day. (D for Déménagement) By law, all residential leases end on July 1 each year.


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