Dec. 22nd, 2005 08:18 pm
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While reading [ profile] chuckybones' LJ, I was reminded to thank [ profile] enginelovin for having several of us over Tuesday to watch the shiny new Serenity DVD!
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The day started off seeing [ profile] glitterlisa at the Dunlavy Street Market, where I bought a gift set for my stepmom for Christmas.

Then later it was a full day of Browncoat goodness at [ profile] chuckybones'. Let's see how many I can name who were there: [ profile] happyfishy80, [ profile] artcat81, [ profile] enginelovin, [ profile] redfeather1, [ profile] tasllyn, Val, Morgan, and several people I don't know. (If I missed anyone, let me know!)

Tired now. Gonna surf and crash.

"Fruity Oaty Bars make a man out of a mouse... Fruity Oaty Bars make you bust out of your blouse..." ([ profile] artcat81, I found it -- thanks!)
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I'd like to start this Saturday morning with a hearty "Fuck you!" to the lowlife who used my credit card number and expiration date to go on a shopping spree on Tuesday to the tune of nearly $750: $20 at BarBQ Barn in Plano, $500 at Target in Allen, and $225 at Petco in Allen! I hope you enjoy your ill-gotten gains, because karma's a bitch! And to BarBQ Barn, Target and Petco, another "Fuck you!" for accepting the charges without the card being present!

I've already talked to Citibank and they have put a security close on the account and will be sending me a new card via UPS 2-Day (I told them about leaving for Canada on Thursday). Thank goodness I filled up the gas tank yesterday! And, best of all, I won't be responsible for any of the fraudulent charges.

On to better news: going to a Browncoat shindig, followed by seeing Serenity again. (4th time for me)
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In a three way tie, I'm Wash... )
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Serenity crew meme )
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Universal sneaked Serenity in Houston and several other cities last night. I'm still reeling... what an exciting film!

Thanks to [ profile] selenite for a link to an article in The Weekly Standard on Universal's marketing strategy. (light spoilers)

[ profile] artcat81 posted a review of last night's goings-on.

I was glad to meet [ profile] lil_m_moses for the first time.

To the point of the post: My favorite line of the film made me think of [ profile] wonderleafy: "I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar." Nice.


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