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We had a nice run, but it was time to let Improvaoke! go, at least for now.

Audiences dwindled after [ profile] improvwheels died, and never really recovered from the hiatus we had to take then.

It was a very rewarding two years of my life, and I treasure the friendships I've made.
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Based on an Australian hit, and hosted by David Alan Grier, "Thank God You're Here" has improv actors put into costume, pushed through a door and thrust into a set with unfamiliar characters and situations.

I've seen bits of the Oz show on Youtube and it looks interesting.
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I think I'm finally recovering from last night's promo shoot for the troupe. The skit was called "Geek Fights" and I played a gamer who got killed with a sword. Pictures allegedly exist. My final pose was on the floor with a Generic Golden Snack Cake sticking out of my mouth.

Blerg. Can't believe it's Monday tomorrow. I still need to finish the theatre's brochure -- it's due at the printer on the 19th! I at least know the direction I'm taking it, so I'm pretty much down to moving elements into place.

And Rose and Sharon start tomorrow at the office! Finally 5 people in the department!
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Monday: travel day back from OGWW '05 in Toronto. Which meant a 2-hour drive from the Austin airport back home, after a full day of flying. (My sister, when bringing my car to he airport for me to drive home, parked in the $9 lot instead of the $2 garage. Thank goodness I still had some US money left!)

Tuesday: sleepwalk through work. We have three new cities' databases to work through. My boss was on vacation this week so I had to cover for him as technical support point person.

Also Tuesday: [ profile] lil_ms_drama took [ profile] improvwheels off life support (Cliff stopped breathing right before Improvaoke on Friday night due to a heart problem. Full story here.)

Wednesday: While I was at lunch, my assistant quit. She was overqualified for this job, and we speculate she took this job to have a job until she found the job she really wanted. Also while I was at lunch, a problem with one of our DOT contracts blew up and I had to take on that work. Also went to Angleton for [ profile] improvwheels' family visitation. [ profile] lil_ms_drama is devastated, as you might expect, but was holding up pretty well.

Thursday: Continued full tilt on DOT project, went to Angleton for [ profile] improvwheels' funeral.

Today: Wrap up my part of work on DOT project, handing the rest back to my boss to finish this weekend. Collapsed in tired heap at home.

It's just not Friday night without improv. [ profile] lil_ms_drama told me she will keep the troupe going, and that we'll be back on stage in a couple of weeks. I expect she'll need more time than that. In either case, we're all standing behind her.

I will force myself to sleep in tomorrow.
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Hey, y'all... Just checking in from Toronto. We're having a blast (as usual). Second City tonight, as well as another show at the Bad Dog. Have spent too much money on stuff so far.

The rest of the group is waiting on me to go to lunch, so will log out now.
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Photos of YUCC's set Friday night at the Dallas Comedy Festival!

Meme Time!

Jul. 30th, 2005 10:52 pm
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The Improv Geek Test

I am 19.54545% - Improv Geekalicious. Must -- increase -- score!
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Last night's show was good. We did our usual longform followed by a freeze-tag/montage. Light crowd, which was to be expected considering we were the first act, and that we were on at the incredibly early hour of 6 p.m.

Afterward, we (several of us) saw ImprovOlympic's The Reckoning. Then I caught my train and went home.

Today? Catching up on sleep, and hitting Movie Trading Company in Plano to spend entirely too much money...
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The Dallas Comedy Festival so far:

Arrived in town yesterday afternoon. Made habitual first stop at Movie Trading Company (the big one on Greenville) to check for any hidden treasure from my wish list. Found one title to put on my think-about list.

Proceeded to Mom's. Showered, shaved and dressed. Talked to [ profile] improvwheels, set up time for troupe practice at hotel. Went to hotel, practiced, caravanned to the West End.

Performed our longform at 8:30. We did pretty well, I think.

Stuck around for other sets after ours. I can highly recommend Bootleg Islam.

Today: Rode the train to downtown for Charna Halpern's Intro & Intermediate class. It was very beneficial. We played Hot Spot, which I had never played before, and we were introduced to using tag-outs as a basis for/as part of a longform. Three hours was not long enough...

Am now back in Richardson typing a LiveJournal entry. May grab a quick nap. Plan to be back at the West End 4:30ish. Our show tonight is at 6:00 in the Dinosaur Room (the former Planet Hollywood).

P.S. $17.50 in change is heavy. That's what happens when you buy a DART day pass with a $20 bill.
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I'm in town for the Dallas Comedy Festival. My troupe, the Young Urban Comedians Club, has two performance slots:

Thursday night at 8
Friday night at 6

both at the Dinosaur Room at the West End Marketplace. Shows are $10 each.

Hope to see you there!
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No surprise here. )
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Not much, what's gnu with you?

Took a week's vacation last week. I wanted to drive up to meet [ profile] locknestra, but funds were not sufficient to do so. So instead I drove to Dallas for a few days. I had a great time catching up with [ profile] jcello over lunch at El Chico (mmm), and worked on some theater stuff for Mom.

Then on Wednesday I drove to Little Rock and visited the Clinton Presidential Center. It's smaller than the Bush Library, and is set in a narrow, ugly three-story building along the riverfront in downtown Little Rock.

So I've now been to the Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton libraries.  Five down, 11 to go.

I stayed overnight in Jackson, Mississippi, and Thursday drove the Natchez Trace Parkway to Natchez. The final segment of the Parkway around Jackson is now complete, as are the southernmost 8 miles heading into Natchez. It's as gorgeous a drive as ever.

So, onward to New Orleans for lunch, and back to Houston on Thursday night.

In other news: My improv troupe is going to be performing in the Dallas Comedy Festival! Come and see us if you're in the area!

Back to work tomorrow.

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World Cup Comedy is the improv competition show (two teams of three improvisors each compete in a single-elimination tournament, top finishers compete for the World Cup Comedy Cup) airing on the Network Formerly Known as Pax, now "i" (for Independent Television).

With the speculation over the survival of Pax (one report this spring had the channel dumping all entertainment programming and airing all infomercials), I was skeptical World Cup Comedy would ever see the light of day again. But lo and behold, new episodes start airing next Saturday at 10 p.m. (9 Central).
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[ profile] improvwheels and [ profile] lil_ms_drama, you'd be interested in this article. I've been to the Bad Dog, and the space is nice. They do what they do well.

Vancouver has one. Winnipeg has one. New York and Chicago have several. Toronto has had one for two years now, but many people don't know about it. Yet.

The Bad Dog Theatre belongs to a rare breed -- it's the city's only space dedicated to improv, the art of performing without a script in front of an audience. The non-profit theatre has done what many arts groups only dream of: turning a small storefront on the Danforth into a theatre with two performance spaces where they run several shows a week and a range of training workshops. And the theatre, which celebrated its second anniversary with a bash this past Saturday, has become a hub for the local scene.

article continues...


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