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Happy birthday [ profile] amothea/[ profile] amalthia_ij!

Also remembering Hilary in what would have been her 41st. Miss you, sweetie.

The following is a public service announcement: [ profile] tea_cantata rocks mightily, but we all knew that.
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Happy birthday to: [ profile] glitterlisa, [ profile] blackcat1313 and [ profile] penguinoverlord!
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Happy birthday [ profile] michrdl!
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Watch [ profile] glitterlisa make soap on That's Clever! on HGTV, Monday at 11 a.m. (Central)!
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First on the agenda: happy birthday to [ profile] autographedcat!

It's a lazy weekend. Fortunately I have a whole week of laziness to look forward to since I'm on vacation! My plans are still up in the air, though. I had been planning a county-hunting trip to Jacksonville, but there's a tropical depression forming off the Bahamas, and the forecast track takes it over -- wait for it -- Jacksonville! If the weather does not cooperate, I may head to the Hill Country. I haven't seen the Caverns of Sonora in ages, and I'm curious about the new 80 mph speed limit on I-10 west of Kerrville. That would be the fastest I've ever legally driven.

So, this weekend is Apollocon here in Houston. Got to hang with all my Browncoat friends: [ profile] artcat81, [ profile] amothea, [ profile] chuckybones, [ profile] endless_death, [ profile] happyfishy80, [ profile] perkyshai, [ profile] redfeather1, [ profile] ryvn, Val, [ profile] wyrdfae, [ profile] wyrdfaespoolboy, and the rest, some of whom I'm sure have LJs...

It was great seeing some of my Dallas friends: Tim (Fan Guest of Honor!), Mary, Iain, Ed, Robin, [ profile] reudaly, Tamisan (Best in Show in the Masquerade!) and the rest. Sure wish more of you had made the trip.

I knew I was getting older when I read Tim's bio in the con program, in which [ profile] rachelcaine described ORAC as a "venerable local Dallas-area SF club" (true)... and then realizing I helped found that club nearly 20 years ago! (Tim and I were discussing this, and he had the idea of marking that anniversary at next year's Fencon.)

The dryer has just buzzed, so warm jeans await!
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Good food.
Good friends.
Good music.
Good night!


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